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CQ WW SSB 2022 at G3V

Testing the Optibeam at G3V before CQ WW SSB

The last weekend of October sees one of the biggest contest of the year, the CQ WW SSB 2022.

Last year more than a quarter of million contesters took part in the CQ WW SSB 2021 with 237.701 logs submitted.

At G3V we started early this month with some antenna work and tower maintenance to get ready for the SSB event.

During the work parties I took some photos of the Optibeam OB11-3.

G3V October 2022

CQ WW Optibeam ob11-3 at G3V by G7RDX7 11-10-2022

Lady Optibeam was at 20m A.G.L.

optibeam ob11-3 G3V October 2022

optibeam ob11-3 G3V

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